BC lab launched

Thermal Energy International opens a test and demonstration facility for its biomass- low-temperature drying DRY-REX system in British Columbia. The industrial energy and emissions reduction systems maker established the Chilliwack facility to conduct research into various sources of biomass for making biofuels and to demonstrate the technology to potential customers. “With all fossil fuels increasing in price at the Thermal%20Energy.jpgsame time as demand grows for eco-friendly alternatives, more and more manufacturers and producers are realizing their waste has the potential to become valuable biofuels,” says CEO Tim Angus. “Our new lab provides a cost-effective way for them to determine the viability of converting their biomass for this use or as a secondary commercial product.” The facility, which will determine the value of various materials as a fuel source by measuring their moisture content before and after drying, has already signed its first contract with an Italian company to test grape and orange pressings. Several North American businesses have also shown interest in the process, including ethanol producers who are looking at ways to dry their distillers’ grain into livestock feed.

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