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Posted by John Roese

Over the past year, some of the "non-technical" comments from many of you have been focused on what you consider to be the lack of visibility for Nortel in the public arena from a marketing and advertising perspective. My intent was to post a blog today about our new advertising campaign, but given the elephant that's in the room –
re: the visibility we actually did receive this week around our Q4/2007 financial results – I thought I'd offer some thoughts and perspectives and defer the advertising entry 'til next week.
It's pretty clear from the comments that many of you are very passionate about the business and about Nortel, and that's a good thing. For those of you, however, who are forming opinions about the company based solely on the stock price or the headlines – which were brutal, as headlines tend to be when restructuring is part of the news – I'd encourage you to take the time to dig a little deeper. I think you'll find some good data and some strong proof points that might make you feel more positive about our progress.
I'm not going to reiterate the results here, but would encourage you to take some time to listen to the call that Mike Z and CFO Pavi Binning held with the investment community on Wednesday. It will give you some insights into the company and why I remain optimistic about our future. A playback is available here.
In particular, I would draw your attention to Chart 12 in the slide package that was used during the call, which in a nutshell captures the past two years of our transformation journey and what lies ahead (and we are certainly not naïve to the challenges). (The rest of the deck provides the details and proofpoints.) Essentially, two years ago, we were losing share in most segments; we had an uncompetitive operational and cost structure; and we had operating margin losses for four out of the five prior years. That's when we launched a major, multi-year transformational plan to recreate Nortel into what Mike Z describes as "a high-performance company that is consistently profitable and is known for its technology innovation, outstanding quality and operational excellence." Click here to read more of John's blog .

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