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Posted by Michael Geist

Sources indicate that there may be a new business IP coalition on the way, presumably to counter the Business Coalition for Balanced Copyright. The BCBC, which includes a who's who of telecommunications, Internet, broadcast, and retail companies, has called on the government to adopt a balanced approach that addresses fair dealing and preserves consumer rights. This new coalition, called the Council for Intellectual Property Protection, is being promoted the Canadian Chamber of Commerce with backing from CRIA, the CMPDA, and the pharmaceutical industry. There does not appear to be representation from many of the companies involved in the BCBC. The CIPP (not to be confused with McGill's Centre for Intellectual Property Policy or CIPP), which hopes to launch this spring, will likely focus on lobbying the government for a wide range of new IP laws including implementation of the WIPO Internet treaties and increasing penalties for copyright infringement by focusing on jail terms and property seizures. There is also a heavy emphasis on pressuring government to allocate more resources toward IP enforcement. For example, the coalition is likely to call for a new IP Inter-Ministerial Coordination Council. The Council would include high-level representatives from various Ministeries and would (among other things) work to "highlight the relationship between IPR crime and organized crime and/or terrorist activities." It also plans to establish an IP Coordination Council comprised of organizations such as CRIA and the CMPDA. The Council, with a budget of $5 million, would design policy "which would then (in part) be implemented by the bureaucrats in the Industry Department's IP Marketplace Framework Division." Click here to read more of Michael's blog.

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