Dr. James Lipman

Jim%20Lipman.JPGjoins Sidense Corp. as director of marketing, and will work from his home office in California. Previously, he was VP of client services at Cain Communications, which develops and implements communication and marketing services programs for high tech companies. His background also includes editorial positions at TechOnLine and at EDN Magazine. Prior to EDN he worked at VLSI Technology in various training, marketing and public relations roles; Hewlett-Packard in IC development and chip-design training; and at Texas Instruments in radiation-effects analysis and digital-chip design. Dr. Lipman received his BSEE and MSEE degrees from Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh and his doctorate in electrical engineering from Southern Methodist University in Dallas. He also has an MBA from Golden Gate University in San Francisco. Dr. Lipman has held various chairperson, technical program and organizing committee positions at several semiconductor conferences and is a past board member of Wescon. When not glued to his laptop, he spends his time as a board member of the Art Deco Society of California, dancing with his lovely wife Gayle, and enjoying wine tasting at the many wineries around his Livermore, California home.

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