Spartan sends DNA analyzers to local hospitals

Spartan Bioscience Inc. gives one of its Spartan DNA analyzers to both the Ottawa Hospital and CHEO. The Spartan DX real-time polymerase chain reaction DNA analyzer will help the hospitals do critical DNA testing requiring immediate results, as in the case of an outbreak of infectious disease, while allowing the Ottawa-based company to gather feedback from medical workers for future product development. "As we continue to develop this new Spartan.JPGmarket for on-demand molecular diagnostics, it's very helpful to have the input and guidance from researchers in the field…" says CEO and founder Dr. Paul Lem, who notes that the Spartan DX was developed with assistance from the Ottawa Hospital's microbiology division and CHEO clinical virologist Dr. Tim Karnauchow. "The attributes of the Spartan DX also make it a nice fit for institutions in resource-limited settings," says Dr. Karnauchow. "Our laboratory will be collaborating with groups in under-serviced areas to develop and help implement Spartan-based molecular tests in their laboratories, in both research and diagnostic contexts." He notes that Spartan Bioscience and CHEO worked together to develop a test for a herpes simplex virus and are about to wrap up work on a test for enterovirus.

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