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Posted by Nathan Rudyk

India's the place for cheap software talent. China's good for low-value-added manufacturing. Neither country offers a real market for high technology products or services. And any entrepreneur who would dare base his business plan on selling to those countries should be roundly flogged by his Board of Directors. Right? I have it on good authority those floggings are routinely taking place. Under-40 entepreneurs are being whipped upside the head by boardroom greybeards for daring to suggest that the Indians and Chinese might possibly buy something versus rip off their intellectual property. The greybeards of course made their money piloting and selling their technologies in the Excited States and in some cases, Europe. Aside from the fact the E.S. economy is based on B.S. financial instruments and suffering badly from Wall Street through to Main Street, there are those hundreds of millions of newly minted middle class people in Asia who want to drive cars, eat more meat, and need billions of dollars of both made-in-Canada (read cleantech like solar, wind, hydro, biofuel) and information/telecommunications technology to transform their societies. They're doing it, now. If you've got something to sell there, you should be doing it, now. Greybeards be damned. Click here to read more of Nathan's blog.

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