Dr. Lynn Buchanan

Lynn%20Buchanan.JPGis named VP of life sciences at Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation (OCRI), where she will help to set the strategic direction for OCRI Life Sciences networks in medical and clean technologies, among other responsibilities. Ms. Buchanan grew up in Montreal where she completed her BSc. at Concordia University. From there she left for the UK where she earned a PhD in anatomy and experimental pathology from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. Upon her return to Montreal, she was awarded post-doctoral fellowships from Fonds de la Recherche en Santé du Québec and the Royal Victoria Hospital Research Institute at McGill University. Subsequently, she received a Medical Research Council of Canada Biotechnology award for cancer research in molecular endocrinology at Queen’s University. She has also been given prestigious research awards from Wyeth Research and Genetics Institute for her work on mechanisms of drug-related toxicity. Ms. Buchanan’s professional experience includes senior roles in R&D, business and corporate development with world-renowned organizations such as BioResearch Laboratories (now Charles River CTBR) in Montreal, Wyeth Research in the US and, most recently, MDS Nordion in Ottawa.

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