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Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation (OCRI) hands out its annual awards for business excellence at the 13th annual OCRI Awards gala. Honoured for accomplishments in research, technology, business and education, the winners were chosen from a list of nominees compiled with input from Ottawa’s business and education community, and selected by the Society of Collaborative Opportunities and Advancement of Professionals (SCOAP).
And the winners are:
Technology Company of the Year: Bridgewater Systems, for its “commitment to be the top provider of subscriber-centric service control solutions to a growing number of partners worldwide,” as well as its successful IPO on the TSE.
Next Generation Executive of the Year: John Roese, CTO, Nortel, for his role in shifting R&D, “[ensuring] the company is well positioned to take advantage of opportunities in the rapidly changing (and converging) worlds of telecom and IT.”
Most Promising Start-Up of the Year: Menova Energy Inc., for its work “to change the economics of solar energy with their entirely scalable, flexible deployment of a unique solar concentrating system.”
OCRI.jpgFinancial Deal of the Year: Mitel, in recognition of its $729-million acquisition of Inter-Tel, one of the biggest financing deals in the capital in more than a decade.
Technology Partnership Commercialization: Awarded to Communications Research Centre Canada (CRC) for commitment to innovation and research over the past 50 years, including helping to establish more than 50 Ottawa-based startups.
Service of the Year: bitHeads Inc., “for considerable success achieved by its HeadGames division and innovative service that helps clients get award-winning software and games to market faster.”
Product of the Year: Given to Ross Video Limited for a “state-of-the-art, continually evolving product line used in broadcast, live event and production applications in over 100 countries.”
Student Researcher of the Year: The category saw two awards presented this year. Atif Shamim and Muhammad Arsalan of Carleton University won for their research in wireless biomedical sensors and work on a wireless dosimeter. The second award was given to David Nadeau from University of Ottawa for “inspired research resulting in a more intelligent online search engine and his commercialization efforts which launched yooname.com last November and immediately led to a contract with a Montreal startup.”
High School Technology Innovator of the Year: Awarded to Daniel André Vienneau from École secondaire catholique Garneau for his creation of Fotek, a non-profit, computer repair enterprise.
“[The] recipients represent the top executives, business leaders, thinkers and strategists in the city,” says Jeffrey Dale, president and CEO, OCRI. “Every year the quality and caliber of the nominations increase. The impressive accomplishments of [the] winners show that Ottawa truly is a city that encourages, engages and produces world-class talent, innovative products and dynamic companies.”

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