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Vocantas, a developer of interactive voice response (IVR) solutions, is partnering with Communication Business Avenue Inc. of Kanagawa, Japan, to improve patient care in Japanese hospitals and clinics. Vocantas says it was chosen by CBA Vocantas.jpgfor its expertise in both IVR and healthcare, which is needed to help address critical healthcare shortages that have led to extended waiting periods for treatment. The terms of the deal call for CBA, a communication solution provider, to market Vocantas’s CallAssure solution to hospitals and clinics so they can automate post-discharge patient follow-up via telephone and offer other time-saving services. Vocantas expects its IVR technology will significantly reduce the burden on already overwhelmed healthcare resources and reduce stress on clinics and hospitals in Japan where 14,000 patients were turned away from hospital emergency rooms in 2007, according to a survey.

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