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Posted by John Roese

After a crazy few weeks of travel, including attending a trade conference in Northern Ireland, meeting UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Northern Ireland First Minister Ian Paisley, and Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland Martin McGuinness - and a host of other activities - I am finally back in Canada for a few days. Today Nortel held a media event in Toronto to discuss a project we initiated a few months ago with industry analyst firm IDC. In essence, we asked IDC to validate our thinking around if and how the hyperconnected world is emerging. The key take-away is that we were in fact correct in asserting that not only are people becoming more connected, but that a new identity of information and communications user has emerged that far exceeds the usage level and complexity of prior generations. That new user is more connected than ever before, and expectations are clearly shifting from "anywhere, anytime" to "everywhere, all the time" communications. Some key conclusions from the study: Click here for more of John's blog.

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