$30-million win

Bridgewater Systems scoops a major, three-year contract to provide Verizon Wireless with a fully-integrated subscriber data management and service control solution for its wireless network. Bridgewater says that the deal, bridgewater.jpginitially worth about $30-million, will see the company marry its carrier-grade software to third-party hardware and software. Bridgewater will also provide Verizon with a number of professional services, including architecture and capacity planning, and ongoing support. “This contract deepens our relationship with Verizon Wireless and provides a robust solution to support the delivery of data services across its national network,” says Ed Ogonek, president and CEO of Bridgewater Systems. “Providing our software as part of an integrated solution represents a growth opportunity for our company, with Verizon Wireless serving as a flagship customer.” Bridgewater expects to begin delivering on the contract in Q4 2008.

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