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Posted by Scott Lake

Recently I've been doing a little consulting for Scott Annan at Mercury Grove. The project that we are working on is really exciting. MG is working on releasing four web apps in September and they've asked me to give them a hand on the social media side. A full detail of that plan will show up in a later post but one great thing that just happened is that we just launched the blog which is called Mercury Rising. The purpose this blog is to tell the inside story of creating and launching these four applications. Everything from development, marketing, social media, business development and design are covered. Everyone on the MG team is participating and the content is really interesting since everyone involved are so diverse. We really want people to learn about this process from the inside out. MG is building a CRM (codenamed Blackbook), an extranet tool (no codename yet), a collaboration tool called Web Groups and an email campaign tool (codenamed Marathon). Click here to read more of Scott's blog.

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