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Posted by Alec Saunders

Friday, a day after the government tabled its bill on copyright reform, I got a call back from my MP, Pierre Poilievre. I had telephoned him earlier in the week to talk about the rumours I had heard about copyright. Pierre hadn't read the bill, but asked what my concerns were anyway. I told him that I couldn't support the bill because it would make my family into criminals. First, like many Canadian families we have a stereo in the living room. Over the years we've accumulated a tidy collection of CD's. These are our CD's for use by our family. They were purchased with family funds. We buy them to share with each other. And, frequently, we rip them to our iPods, play them on our computers, and play them using the networked music appliance I installed by the pool years ago. All of those innocent activities would be illegal under Bill C-61. We would have to own a separate CD for each and every iPod we own in our family in order to be legal. We have 350 CD's in our collection and 7 members of our family. If we assume an average cost of $15 per CD, Bill C-61 would result in a bill of 6x$15×350 or $31,500 for us to become legal. Second, like many other families, we have a collection of DVD's. Click here to read more of Alec's blog.

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