Vegas co. bets on Carleton

Las Vegas-based SymPowerco Corp. is partnering with Carleton U. on a fuel cell and hybrid power system project. SymPowerco, through its majority-owned subsidiary, Toronto-headquartered Polygenic Power Systems Inc., has an exclusive licence to develop a unique flowing electrolyte direct methanol fuel cell FE DMFC Carleton.jpgtechnology with Hybrid Energy Technologies Inc., also of Toronto. The technology was acquired by SymPowerco and Hybrid Energy from Toronto’s Pure Energy Visions, the developer of the technology. A 5-Watt prototype, built and tested by Pure Energy, was placed with Carleton’s department of mechanical and aerospace engineering. The prototype will be used as a platform for advancing SymPowerco’s FE DMFC program with the goal of commercializing the technology. The 5W unit is a complete and functioning hybrid power system with an advanced system control and data acquisition system. It is anticipated that the project will involve up to three Carleton faculty members and several undergraduate and graduate students concurrently developing various technical aspects of the fuel cell project.

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