Plasco plant is almost a go

Plasco Energy Group’s plan to build a full-scale plasma gasification plant gets the green light from the city’s economic development committee. The Plasco.JPGcompany now only needs to be given the go-ahead by city council in order to begin construction. Plasco boss Rod Bryden says the plant, built and operated by his company, would handle over 400 tonnes of waste per day and meet all of Ontario’s environmental standards. Plasma gasification decomposes waste under extremely high temperatures and low oxygen levels, producing a gas that can be used to create electricity. The company expects the plant to provide $125 million in yearly revenue, while using almost all of Ottawa’s household garbage to create enough clean electricity to light nearly 25,000 homes. A $27-million waste-to-energy demo facility has existed at Ottawa’s Trail Road landfill since 2006.

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