Tundra breaks it off with Big Blue

Tundra Semiconductor Corp. terminates its purchase agreement with IBM after learning that the business tools behemoth missed the mark while building a product for the Ottawa-based company. Tundra, which makes system interconnect products that Tundra.jpgtransport data between computer components, says it ended the $15.4 million product-acquisition deal, signed with IBM Global Engineering Solutions last August, when IBM reported that the product, which is based on its Power Architecture 90-nanometre processor core, performed below expectations. “Since the IBM core cannot meet the stated performance, the product is now unsuitable for Tundra’s intended target applications and market,” states IBM. At the same time, Tundra says it is cancelling a licence deal for IBM’s new 65-nanometre Power Architecture solutions, which also proved unsatisfactory in a Tundra review.

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