BC city comes calling

Plasco Energy Group Inc. signs a non-binding letter of intent to build a waste-to-energy conversion plant for the City of Port Moody in British Columbia. The Ottawa-based company, which is awaiting environmental approval before it begins construction on Plasco.JPGa similar facility locally, says it has entered into a joint agreement with the BC municipality to look into developing a plant that will convert 400 tons of non-recyclable waste to green energy at the former Barnet Highway landfill. “We are very pleased to be working together with Port Moody,” says CEO Rod Bryden. “As the mayor of Port Moody and the chair of the Metro Vancouver Environment Committee, Mayor Joe Trasolini has shown great leadership in looking for innovative solutions to the region’s waste challenges. We look forward to working with the city to develop a proposal that meets their needs.” Located in BC’s lower mainland, Port Moody (pop. 30,000) has been examining the feasibility of building a waste conversion facility at the site since last December. “It is clear that the region has both waste disposal challenges and a need for clean energy sources. We want to find out if this innovative Canadian technology can help address those needs,” Mayor Trasolini says. Before the project can proceed it will be submitted for public approval and require endorsement by Metro Vancouver.

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