10 Steps to get a free iPhoneBrisebois-45X64.jpg
Posted by Mitch Brisebois

1. Choose a target that everyone loves to hate: for example Canadian duopoly / cableCo / wirelessCo Rogers.
2. Choose a cause that everyone lusts for: for example the Canadian launch of Apple's iPhone.
3. Put them together: for example, Rogers has the most expensive plan on the planet for the iPhone.
4. Choose a catchy name: for example (it's tragic, it's RUINED!)
5. Get a famous law professor / advocate / blogger to write about your petition: for example Michael Geist
6. Feed the paranoia: for example, if the site gets too popular too quickly, your discount host may shut down the site due to bandwidth overusage. Watch the conspiracy theories roll in: Rogers shut the site down!
7. Mirror the site and resume collecting names and comments.
8. Earn easy beer-money by cashing in on the cause and the paranoia: for example suggest a donation of $2 to help defray bandwidth charges.
9. Collect lots of names: for example, as of today you might have 40,000 people signed up.
10. Spend the loot: for example, assuming that 10% of people will donate $2 - you're bringing in $4,000! That's enough for 40 beers at the pub for you and your friends ($200) AND a new iPhone ($200) AND a 3-year contract from Rogers ($3,600)!

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