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Posted by Ian Graham

There is a very cool idea called Vencorp being championed by Sean Wise of Wise Mentor Capital. I had previously seen reference to Vencorp on Startup North and there is a recent article in Profit Magazine that gives a more detailed overview of the venture. What I like about this approach to funding start-ups is that it takes into consideration that starting a business today is less capital intensive and the fund also leverages the wisdom of crowds to determine which companies receive funding. Rather than have a fixed board or serial entrepreneur judging the merits of a proposal the Vencorp community vote on a monthly basis to determine which start-ups are fund worthy. To become a member of the Vencorp community all one has to do is sign up and membership is free. There are incentives and points awarded to community members based on their track record of contribution and success. Community members can use points for various items within the Vencorp site. Click here to read more of Ian's blog.

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