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Posted by Kristina Mauser

More than a few of my colleagues have berated me lately for the decreasing frequency of my blog posts on WordUp! A few have even gone so far as to imply my lack of commitment to my own writing makes me somewhat of a fraud within my industry. I always counter-argue, however, that my lack of blog posts has more to do with a very busy schedule writing for others than it does about implied deceit, or worse, disinterest. I replied to a blog entry my colleague Jeff Parks wrote the other day about blog comments typically being either for or against the writer, without so much as a hint of continuing the conversation beyond the standard "I agree" / "I disagree" reply. In my response, I made mention of the evolution of blogging from what was once intended as a pubic online journal to what is now lauded by many in Social Media circles as a conversation starter or facilitator. Perhaps it was when this shift occurred that I grew somewhat disenchanted with blogging. Or maybe, it was when Search Engine Marketers took over the medium and tried to apply a publishing frequency formula that, when followed, would lead to increased traffic and a positive ROI. 3 blog posts per week x 3 paragraphs each, published at exactly X o'clock = big corporate giveaways, promos, or even a mortgage payment (although few have been able to monetize blogging to that extreme). Click here to read more of Kristina's blog .

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