Deal with Dupont

Enablence Technologies is handing over approximately $9.5-million worth of its common share to acquire certain assets of wholly-owned DuPont subsidiary DuPont Photonics Technologies, based in Wilmington, Mass. At the same time, the chemical giant is investing an unspecified number of dollars in the Ottawa company. Enablence, which makes optical products for the fibre-to-the-home market and business, says it is purchasing Enablence.jpgDupont Photonics’ new PLC (planar lightwave circuit) switching fabric, which enables such devices as optical multiplexers switches and attenuators. “DuPont Photonics’ product portfolio is complementary to our current component and subsystems offerings and is consistent with our vertical integration strategy that allows us to build on our core technology strength with higher value added products,” says Arvind Chhatbar, CEO of Enablence. “Our acquisitions allow us to focus on capturing innovative products and technologies that will help us solidify our planar lightwave circuit leadership position in the access, metro and long haul markets. We are also pleased with the investment DuPont is making in Enablence, which will permit us to continue to build on the product portfolio we are acquiring from DuPont.” Nineteen DuPont Photonics staff will join Enablence as part of the deal, which the parties expect will be formally approved by July 30.

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