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Posted by Susan Murphy

I'm very excited about a new opportunity I'll be embarking on this Fall. I am going back to teaching part time at our local community college. I taught web design at the same college about 9 years ago, for the Continuing Education and Corporate Training programs, so some of this will be very familiar to me. The major difference this time is I'm teaching for a diploma program. In fact, it's the latest evolution of the same diploma program I graduated from in 1998 - Interactive Multimedia Developer. It was a 7 month program when I took it, now it's 2 years. The fact that it's a full time diploma program means that my audience is going to be fresh-out-of-highschool NetGenners. This is quite a dramatic change from the semi-computer literate adults I'm used to teaching. The young people that are going to be in my classes have been using computers since they were old enough to talk. It's been embedded in their culture for their entire lives. This has me thinking about how the Net Generation is going to fare once they are out in the real world. After all, college is not just about learning some new skills, it's about figuring out how to apply those skills in a way that will enable your success once you are out in the workforce. Click here to read more of Susan's blog.

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