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Posted by John Roese

When I took on the role of CTO for Nortel two years ago, I moved to Ottawa, which is home to Nortel's largest site and the heart of much of the company's R&D efforts (4500 of our 30,000+ employees are located here, and most of them are in R&D). Ottawa is also the capital of Canada and the seat of the country's political power. It didn't take long for me to understand the important role that our Ottawa labs have played in developing the innovation that has made Nortel a global telecom player or to understand the historical leadership that Canada has had in telecommunications. It also didn't take long to understand (through conversations with other business leaders, customers, competitors, and government leaders), however, just how vulnerable this leadership - and industry - is, not only in Canada, but also in the United States and in Western Europe (Siemens' recent exit from telecom is a good example), and of just how urgent it is that action be taken now to reverse a very disturbing trend that shows that the power base for leadership is shifting. Click here to read more of John's blog .

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