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Posted by Nathan Rudyk

Most of the Web sites we've built or contributed to in the last three years have included a business blog. CEOs of even the smallest knowledge-based businesses instinctively understand that their marketing communications mix is incomplete without a blogging program. That said, many blogging efforts flail, or outright fail after just a few months. How do you skip the pain and get to the gain? Here are thoughts based on the market2world team's experience building business blogging efforts that succeed.
Blogging infrastructure
Installing a blogging infrastructure is no sweat. There are any number of choices, many of them hosted/requiring little to zero I.T. involvment. We were partial to WordPress a couple of years ago (too light), have also built sites in using Awareness and Joomla (often too heavy), and now favour SquareSpace (just right) for most clients. SquareSpace can either be a strap-on tool to an existing Web site or better yet, if you are replacing an older Web site to stop wasting time on HTML coding, it serves as an excellent, inexpensive Web publishing platform that can carry your Web site as well as blogging content. Then anyone in the company can update the site with zero coding knowledge - how blogs and Web sites work in the 21st century.
Think team
The sweat in business blogging comes from content creation. Click here for more of Nathan's blog.

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