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Posted by John Roese

Earlier this week, I received an e-mail from a Nortel employee who wrote: "I find real value reading your blog, and always learn something, but what really bothers me are some of the comments that people leave, and why we as a company allow that. A lot of comments are valid and they add insight to the discussion, and I think that's a valid and good use of a blog. Gets a dialogue going. What I don't agree with is the fact that we let a handful of people, and they're always the same people, rant about the Nortel stock, our leaders, etc. Why are we providing a public place for these people, most who seem to be disgruntled shareholders or ex-employees? Do we really want a blog that we promote on our homepage to provide a forum for these people who seem to be allowed to say anything they want while hiding behind an alias? Maybe you should consider closing off the comments section. I think we do more harm than good by letting this very vocal minority dominate the dialogue with comments that are completely off topic and add no value." I've thought about that very topic myself over the last several months, so thought I'd open it up for some discussion. Click here to read more of John's blog.

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