Capital pool open and ready to splash

CPC Capital Partners II, a capital pool company, launches a new VC fund with up to $5 million to invest in early-stage companies. CPC Ventures Fund is open to companies of various kinds that are seeking public listing and access to public venture capital. “James Edward and our partners are pleased to announce the formation of this new fund,” says Patrick Power, president of Ottawa-based James%20Edward.jpgJames Edward Capital Corp., corporate co-founder of Capital Partners II. “With the scarcity of private venture capital, we are confident that this fund will attract many high quality emerging growth companies that are seeking public venture capital financing and provide superior returns to our investors.” Along with James Edward, CPC founders include Montreal’s Downshire Capital Corp. and Evans and Evans Inc. of Vancouver. With investment and expertise from private and institutional partners, CPC will provide qualified applicants with a minimum of $100,000 in seed money, then work to raise between $200,000 and $1.9 million in an IPO. It will also provide “access to capital market financing, shareholder liquidity, an enhanced image, and relief from most if not all of the expenses of the going public process,” says Mr. Patrick. A number of successful Ottawa-based tech companies have been established with help from similar capital pool companies, including Allen-Vanguard, Nuvo Network Management and InBusiness Solutions.

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