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Posted by Peter Childs

OCRI is looking for a new leader.
This may be the most important decision its members and funders make because it will set the direction for the organization during the coming critical years where Ottawa's tech sector will either finally revive or fatally flounder.
It's a time for vision, inclusion, activism and leadership.
So what should they look for?
First someone who thinks regionally. Ottawa is a mid-sized city for Canada but tiny globally. The reality is that we compete with areas that measure their economic hinterlands in tens of millions of people - and we need to approach that scale to compete. It is this economic and geographic connection between producers and consumers that ensures needs definition and fulfillment easily link, creates ready markets for initial test, insures a large pools of investors and management talent, and guarantees a rich education and employee pools for specialized skills as businesses grow. If Ottawa's tech sector is going to thrive OCRI must make Ottawa a central part of an economic partnership that extends from Windsor to Quebec City. Click here to read more of Peter's post.

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