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Posted by Michael Geist

With the government set to unveil its new cabinet tomorrow, a copyright reform bill will be back on the agenda. While copyright will presumably take a back seat to more pressing economic concerns, the campaign promise to reintroduce a bill means that the issue will not disappear. User groups were outspoken about Bill C-61 after its introduction, yet many of the groups lobbying for DMCA-style reforms were largely silent (other than the initial thanks to the government for introducing the bill). A recent Toronto conference included a panel on copyright that provides some indication of the likely response from those groups once a bill is tabled and goes to committee.
Far from thanking the government for anti-circumvention measures that mirror the U.S. DMCA, it appears likely that the groups will adopt a strategy of "the best defence is a good offence." Practically, this will mean that they will argue that the successor to C-61 does not go far enough. Click here to read more of Michael's blog.

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