Norwegian connection

Spartan Bioscience Inc. signs an agreement with Norwegian biotech company NorDiag ASA that will see the two firms pair their technology to develop an end-to-end DNA preparation and analysis solution. Ottawa-based Spartan makes a DNA analyzer for non-batch testing of infectious diseases, while NorDiag produces technology to prepare and isolate Spartan.JPGDNA from difficult clinical samples such as urine, feces, sputum and tissue.
“The combination of the NorDiag Arrow DNA isolation device with the Spartan DX-1™2 DNA analyzer has the potential to change the playing field in the DNA analysis space,” says Mark Kershey, Spartan’s VP of corporate development. “Each device is designed to complete its processing of 12 samples in 30 minutes or less making the entire workflow possible in less than an hour. This capability and its affordability will open DNA analysis to labs around the world.” The combined instruments, scheduled for release next year, will likely be available for less than $30,000, says Spartan.

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