Program for future tech workers

TC3_small.jpgTwenty one digital media students from All Saints HS are the first players in a pilot program to renew student interest in technology careers. Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation, seeing ongoing low registration in computer and tech-related courses in post-secondary schools, has developed the program along with Ontario Centres of Excellence and corporate partners IBM, RIM and others. All Saints and Earl of March schools were selected to start because they have easier bussing to the corporate labs and workshops where the program is OCRI.jpgcentred. Earl of March students will participate in the second semester program starting in February. If the pilot is considered successful, the program may be extended citywide and even throughout the province. OCRI says the program will reassure students that the technology sector is now stable and no longer the industry that caused so much uncertainty and concern for their parents. Says OCRI president and CEO Jeffrey Dale, “The technology sector in Ottawa is resilient. The diversification that we’ve witnessed over the past several years presents an unprecedented number of career options. Digital gaming, design, security, cleantech and life sciences are just a few of the emerging technology sectors in the city. Ottawa is not limited to telecommunications and that is the message that we need to get out to our students if we are going to increase the number of skilled technology workers for Ottawa-based businesses.” Over the course of the school year, participating students will learn about the tech sector as they travel one day a week to labs, conferences and workshops organized by participating partners RIM, Nortel, Carleton U., uOttawa, Algonquin College and IBM.

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