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Posted by Mitch Brisebois

My Starbucks Ideas is one of the most prominent corporate social net sites. Starbucks' premise was to give its biggest fans a voice to share ideas about what the company should do to bolster the brand. There are two main reasons why this corporate social net works: 1. To share, comment or vote users must first register; 2. Starbucks actually responds to the top ideas - some are already implemented, others are in review.
Here are the top 10 ideas and their status:
1. Implement a social conversation platform (launched)
2. Have a punch card system to get free drinks (reviewed)
3. Re-use Starbucks card instead of threshing them (reviewed)
4. Birthday brew - a free drink on your day (launched in Gold program)
5. Free wi-fi (launched in Gold program)
6. VIP cards (launched in Gold program)
7. Lower prices (reviewed)
8. Remote "buy you a drink" (under review)
9. Automatic ordering via swipe card (under review)
10. More in-store recycling (under review)
Some of these ideas are being launched under Starbucks' Gold Card program. It's a great idea - for an annual membership fee of $25, harcore Starbuckers get 10% off purchases, free birthday drink and 2 hours free wi-fi per day.
Crowd-sourcing may very well pay off for Starbucks!

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