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Posted by John Roese

Well, it's been an interesting 28 months here at Nortel for me. As you may have heard, Nortel is taking steps to assure it can better compete in the market and better serve its customers during the challenging economic and market dynamics we are all experiencing. As part of that effort the company has announced today that it is moving to a business unit structure in which all functions and resources (other than a few corporate activities) will be decentralized and integrated into full business units. With that change, the central CTO and R&D functions will be divided and moved into each BU and, as such, my role is no longer needed. Intellectually, I feel that this is the right thing for Nortel because what the company needs more than anything else at this time is agility to maneuver in a complex market. By having discrete business units and eliminating a complex matrix organization that we have historically operated within, the individual BU's can make quicker decisions, optimize their processes and structures, make strategic partnerships, and adjust technology and market strategy far faster than before. The trade-off will be that the company will lose some of the leverage and efficiency that a more central model provides, but in all decisions there are costs and benefits. Click here to read more of John's final blog.

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