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Posted by Mitch Brisebois

Most social network platforms are basically Facebook clones. Deploying them into enterprise would make them stick out like cheap Nevada bordellos. So why hasn't someone developed a platform designed specifically for enterprise?
What's wrong with them?
They're designed for a large user base with high variants of interests. Users group themselves organically - either as friends, or members of common interest. The two main feature of SoNet platforms are NOT very important within a company:
1. Emphasis on user profiles (some are living diaries, some are Sybil-like multiple personality profiles)
2. Relationship management / friending (you're either a company or group member)
So what's required for a true enterprise platform?
1. Reduce the emphasis on personal profiles.
2. Be able to turn off the "friends" linking - this is really annoying in a group environment. For a 500 employee small enterprise, how many "accepts" would you need so that everyone is friends with each other? 500 factorial??
3. Introduce Work Groups - simple easy to create. Assign membership and duration. Click here to read more of Mitch's post.

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