Ignatieff's good thinking

Help entrepreneurs so "when we get out of this they're ready to fire on all cylinders."

On the CBC program "The Hour" last night (Dec. 18), host George Stroumboulopoulos asked Liberal-leader-of-a-Ignatieff.jpgweek Michael Ignatieff what specifics he needs to see in the Conservative budget Jan. 27 "that will let you say I'm OK with this." Mr. Ignatieff said the budget would have to do three things to win his support (and presumably undo the coalition with the NDP, supported by the Bloc):
If workers are forced to be unemployed, the budget must "help workers retrain so they can get back in the game."
It should "provide tax relief for people at lower end of income, so that they've got money to spend and put food on the table, that gives a jolt to the economy. It's not a question of stimulus, but who gets the stimulus, and I think it should be on that side."
Finally, and probably most productive, Ignatieff calls for "helping entrepreneurs and small businessmen to invest in new technology. One of the key ways to make us more productive is if we're allowing them to replace their computer systems and get new machines and stuff so that when we get out of this they're ready to fire on all cylinders."

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