10 Years On (Cont'd)

Scanning OTTORLOOMAP%20168X33.jpg the Ontario Technology Corridor

Notes from the January 1999 edition of SCAN's forerunner Silicon Valley NORTH, occasionally updated . . .Chhatbar%2C%20arvind2%2075X93.jpg
Vitesse Re-Skilling Canada Inc. is formed by Arvind Chhatbar (left) out of the National Research Council. The program starts in Ottawa as O-Vitesse, enthusiastically supported by Newbridge, Nortel, Mitel Paquin%2C%20Antoine%2075X93.jpgand the like, to provide industry with software-engineering resources by reskilling underemployed or unemployed scientists and engineers. Vitesse Canada expands to include additional co-op based training solutions for photonics, bioinformatics, microelectronics, and wireless communications. Arvind resigns from the federal public service to become founding CEO of the fiber-to-the-home provider Enablence Inc., which he has built from negligible to more than $100 million in assets in four years . . . Antoine Paquin (right) takes on the presidency of Philsar Electronics Inc. not long after disposing of his first Ottawa startup, Skystone Systems, to Cisco for more than US$89 million. He's now a venture capitalist operating from Montreal after a brief and unfulfilling fling with the high tech sharks of San Jose . . . IBM Canada gives Queen's in Kingston $1 million to help build state-of-the-art computer lab . . .

Lynda Leonard (left) joins ITAC in Toronto leonard%2C%20lynda%2075X93.jpgas VP Communications, still with them in Ottawa, now Senior VP . . . Nortel buys optical systems provider Cambrian Systems, Matthews%2C%20Terry%2075X93.jpgone of Terry Matthews' (right) Newbridge affiliate companies, for $300 million (some of which is deferred against certain financial targets to be met, which of course never are) . . . Matthews backfills by acquiring Ubiquity Software Corp. in Wales, where the native-born Welshman is gradually moving operations and fortune. He holds on to Ubiquity for almost a decade. It was unloaded to Avaya last year for more than $140 million. (Ian MacLaren, one of Sir Terry's favourite knights, resigned as Ubiquity CEO and now sits at the roundtable of the investment company that controls it all, Wesley Clover). . . Mortice Kern Systems Inc. (now just MKS) of Waterloo, reving at about $30 million a year in 1999, since doubled to about $60 million, signs a deal with Toshiba to market its Integrity Framework software, still the industry standard today for managing software applications across complex systems, in Japan. But Toshiba is no longer among 70 partners working with MKS globally . . .


Companies in the Ontario Technology Corridor, almost 6,000 of them, spanning the software, photonics, wireless, cleantech, digital media, life sciences, and microelectronics sectors, employ more than 250,000 people. There are almost 30 universities and colleges along the Ottorloo corridor.

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