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Posted by Alec Saunders

In three postings I wrote last week, I laid out the problems facing the Canadian tech sector. With a budget looming in Ottawa, the topic of economic stimulus for the tech sector has been raised by various individuals. In Can we do more than play hockey? I outlined the funding gap that exists for Canadian startups as home grown VC's are failing. Losing our ability to innovate enlarged on this theme as it drilled into data which suggests that globally the investment community perceives that Canadian tech has lost it's competitiveness. And in The precursors of success are here, I make the argument that the educational and industrial infrastructure for successful technology businesses exists in Canada, and when compared to US tech centers like Silicon Valley and Boston, the missing ingredient is investment.
Ottawa's Peter Childs mailed me a summary of points that he planned to present to MP Paul Dewar at a Saturday session titled "Community Dialogue on Economic Priorities". While Peter's focus is on Ottawa specifically, much of what he says is true for the Canadian tech sector at large. Peter's approach is to push for additional tax breaks for private industry that invest in technology, rather than a direct government funding source plus look for ways to reduce the regulatory burden on Canadian businesses. What he's asking for makes sense, and will encourage the growth of a financial sector that can encourage Canadian technology businesses. Here's Peter's email to me. Feel free to write your own MP and use as little or as much of Peter's email as you like. Click here to read Peter's Email on Alec's blog.

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