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Posted by Michael Geist

Technology law and policy is notoriously unpredictable and crystal ball gazing in Canada this year is particularly challenging given the current political and economic uncertainty. With that caveat, my weekly technology law column provides my best guess for the coming months includes the following:
January. The Copyright Board of Canada releases its much-anticipated decision on the copyright royalties payable by primary and secondary schools across Canada. The board reduces the fees based on the Supreme Court of Canada's liberal interpretation of fair dealing, Canada's version of fair use. At the end of the month, the government's budget includes the expected stimulus package for the auto and forestry sectors, but there is little for the culture and technology sectors.
February. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission kicks off a busy year with its new media hearings. The positions are by-now well known - cultural groups seek the creation of a new ISP levy and increased regulation of Internet-based broadcasting, while most broadcasters and telecommunications companies support the status quo. Click here to read more of Michael’s post.

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