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Brian Hewat dies at 72
by tony
Brian Hewat died last week at his retirement home in Maine. He was 72. Brian was the last CEO of Bell-Northern Research, before this world-class research lab was completely absorbed within Nortel. A couple of years before that happened he helped get SCAN's forerunner off the ground. Silicon Valley NORTH at its start was stiff-armed at the Nortel door by an officious PR gatekeeper. An appeal to Brian got the flack's decision reversed and several thousand copies distributed on company premises. It was an early vote of confidence for the paper and website that would go on to chronicle the astonishing rise of the high tech sector in Canada through the nitro nineties. Brian, a grad of UWO's first engineering class, spent his entire career in the Bell Canada system, exiting Bell as executive VP to become president of Stentor, the consortium of Canadian phone companies, before joining BNR. He retired in 1997.


Companies in the Ontario Technology Corridor, almost 6,000 of them, spanning the software, photonics, wireless, cleantech, digital media, life sciences, and microelectronics sectors, employ more than 250,000 people. There are almost 30 universities and colleges along the Ottorloo corridor.

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