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Scanning OTTORLOOMAP%20168X33.jpg the Ontario Technology Corridor
by tony

Is it momentum or just a moment that the Montage vets are experiencing? They've made their New Year happy with Lamoureux%2C%20Marc%2075X93.jpga merger of teams built at Pentura in Toronto by Marc Lamoureux, left, and in Ottawa at ThinkNostic by Steve Byrne, right. They bring together 60 people who jointly generated just over $7 million last year from a blue chip client list that includes Bank of Canada, DFAIT, Google, Royal Bank and BMO. Pentura specializes in Google Maps. ThinkNostic does eCommerce and complex custom software solutions. Byrne%2C%20Steve%2076X93.jpgMarc, a uWaterloo grad, led the Toronto office and Steve was president of Montage eIntegration, which was one of the fastest growing software services companies in Canada before it was bought in 2001 by AT&T Canada. Steve became president of AT&T Canada's eBusiness Services, with 650 employees and $100 million revenue portfolio. A hundred million is a good round number. Steve, who will be CEO of the merged Pentura-Thinknostic while Marc is COO, likes it. He says of the new enterprise, which will operate under the existing two names until they get the new branding right, "our goal is to grow this business to $100 million over the next 10 yeaars." How so? "Primarily through organic means, but we plan to continue to pursue strategic M&A opportunities and we also plan to launch our own commercial products." Apparently he doesn't believe that the sky is falling.


Companies in the Ontario Technology Corridor, almost 6,000 of them, spanning the software, photonics, wireless, cleantech, digital media, life sciences, and microelectronics sectors, employ more than 250,000 people. There are almost 30 universities and colleges along the Ottorloo corridor.

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