The talk about ByteClub

By Reid McCarter

Launched only four months ago, technology profiler Byte Club has already produced over a dozen spots that examine tech activity in Toronto. Its short (approximately five-minute-long) online broadcasts look at current newsmakers as diverse as encryption software developer Byte_Club.jpgSericon Technology and the city’s transport commission the TTC, with its plans for expansion and green initiatives.
Through behind-the-scenes meetings with TO’s most promising up-and-comers, Byte Club captures a more intimate side of the tech industry
(the Q&A session with Sericon was carried out in the decidedly informal setting of a ByteClub staffer’s home office). Its unorthodox approach to covering news provides a valuable look into the cultural background of participating startups, and offers a view which quickly sets the Byte Club site apart from similar sites.

“Byte Club is an attempt to capture the fluid technical culture of our time and showcase to those who otherwise would be unaware of anything beyond their own walls,” says Kristan Uccello, producer, Byte Club’s latest spot profiles Toronto’s social learning network Learnhub, which hopes to capture the Learnhub.jpgattention of a generation that has proven to be more interested in acquiring knowledge online than through traditional media. Staffer May Li describes Learnhub as “a revolutionary approach [in which] anyone can create a community, share a lesson, have a discussion or debate, create a test, share an opinion and hold an online tutoring session at no cost.” Company CTO John Philip Green (who co-founded the company with his wife and CEO Malgosia Green) discusses Learnhub’s efforts to provide educational services for Indian immigrants who have found government efforts wanting.

While just 14 episodes have been released through thus far, the combination of a professional production focus with a light-hearted attitude makes for a promising beginning for the enterprise. The site’s Facebook-esque social networking and novel approach should help to ensure success for the innovative startup.
New episodes are released every Wednesday at 10 a.m. at, where archives contain all previously produced videos, including Byte Club’s look at Learnhub.

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