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Posted by Mitch Brisebois

Many people have written how Canada's new "Do Not Call" list is not really working. Anyone can now see what a collosus blunder it was. The point of it was reducing telemarking annoyance calls for Canadian phone subscribers. So the bumbling Canadian Communication Radio Commission (notice the word radio) contracted out to Bell Canada (notice the word conflict of interest) to set up a national do not call list.
It was popular - people registered their home phones. Their cell phones. Their VoIP phones.
Then the calls came. DUHHHHHH.
Turns out anyone (in the world) can register as a telemarketer and buy the list (why should it be sold???) of people you're not allowed to call.
DUMBASS policians and high-priced IT BELL folks…
Now people wonder why they're getting international spam on their cell / VoIP lines. Well, here it is. For 55 bucks you can get all the numbers registered in one area code!
If YOU were to set up a Do Not Call system in your country - how would you do it?

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