Future options at odd times

Sometimes the most interesting facts pop out at the most unusual times from the most unexpected places. This morning (Saturday, Feb. 20) at 1:00, someone in the office of the Ministry of Research and Innovation in Toronto was working. It might have been a he, it could have been a she. Each gender was represented among the EcoVuEdit.jpgcontacts in the press release sent at that early hour of the weekend. The news it conveyed was of some interest. EcoVu, Ottawa's company of the year in the 2008 OCRI competition, will get $4 million to help sell its water analysis and purification technology. The money comes from the Innovation Demonstration Fund the province set up to get technology with potential for global success off the ground. Of course Queen's Park radically underestimated pent-up demand in the venture capital starved tech sector. EcoVu is among the lucky few that got to the Fund before its $30 million evaporated. The word now is that even though almost all the money has been allocated and there's a long line up for the dregs, "new proposals will continue to be accepted as the government considers future funding options."

But that's not the most interesting fact from the early morning press release. Down near the bottom, among the fillers, this jumps out: "One third of the Earth's fresh water can be found within and along Ontario's borders." Now that's interesting. Is anybody at Queen's Park considering future options for that?

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