OCE winners roll to nationals with bike trailer

HAMILTON – McMaster University students Lindsey Kettel and Cory Minkhorst take the $3,500 top prize for their collapsible bicycle trailer in the Innovative Design category at

Photo by McMaster Engineering
the annual Ontario Engineering Competition (OEC), held this year at the University of Guelph. The engineering and management grad students were inspired to design the bike attachment after learning that recreational cyclists were deterred from pedaling to work because they didn’t have a better means of carrying items, as well as for environmental reasons. “More people would commute by bicycle if they had a convenient, safe and secure way to transport things on their way to and from work, but towing an empty bicycle trailer can be very cumbersome,” says Ms. Kettel. “Having more cyclists and fewer cars on the road would be better for the environment and for people’s health.” Two other McMaster students, CJ Smith and Justin Sma, won $1,500 for first place in the Parliamentary Debate category. Both winning teams now move on to compete at the national Canadian Engineering Competition, which is being held March 5 - 8 in Fredericton.

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