RIM ups ante

Waterloo-based Research In Motion (RIM) makes a new, friendlier bid for Mississauga's Certicom Corp., a supplier of elliptic curve data encryption technology, a critical component in RIM's Blackberry. Certicom recently accepted a friendly takeover bid from VeriSign Inc. An earlier offer by RIM was described by Certicom as being "opportunistic" and was rejected. The new offer, $131 million in cash and shares, amounts to a 43% increase over the VeriSign offer. "I didn't think RIM would take it lying down, because Certicom Technology is absolutely integral to the Blackberry platform," Carmi Levy, a tech analyst based in London, Ont., told the Globe & Mail. "Certicom's encryption technology is fundamental to the security of every Blackberry on the planet. It's apparent by this second offer that RIM is going to fight tooth and nail to ensure that it controls Certicom's future."

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