SCAN’s key to the Corridor

In these times of economic uncertainty, it’s important to keep spirits up and not to lose sight of the main chance.

SCAN in print and online ( fits these objectives two ways: it tells the success stories of the Ontario Technology Corridor and it reaches young people as they contemplate a career path through university to the best jobs.

The Ontario Technology Corridor is a good idea whose time has come.

Today Waterloo walks tall in technology. Yesterday it was Ottawa. Toronto is vast and amorphous, overshadowing Markham and Mississauga. All are struggling for recognition in an extremely fast-paced world of knowledge industries, no longer just information technologies, but imagination technologies embracing all of the future from health and medicine to food, clean energy and even space, the final frontier.

SCAN_logo_revTight.jpegThe Ontario Technology Corridor embraces all, is non-threatening to any and, with its stretch and size and strength, is inherently more stable and has great potential as a tool for branding, international marketing and improving connection and collaboration among all the tech clusters from Ottawa (even Cornwall) to London (even Windsor).

Companies in the Ontario Technology Corridor, almost 6,000 of them, spanning the software, photonics, wireless, cleantech, digital media, life sciences, and microelectronics sectors, employ more than 250,000 people. There are almost 30 universities and colleges along the corridor.

The Ontario Technology Corridor should be for Canada what Silicon Valley is for the United States -- a magnet for tech dreams and money.

This is an idea that can inspire cooperation, collaboration and collective action to help bootstrap the tech startup community. It's an idea with far greater value than cost. It's one of the best kinds, an idea that fits the times. Ontario wants to promote its knowledge sector. It must therefore celebrate its technology corridor, which is a reality even if few people know it.

SCAN and focus coverage on the local, delivering information and inspiration to support entrepreneurs, who in these difficult times will look more to themselves, to mining and adding value to their own resources. They will be more creative, think more sideways and look more to where opportunity is going than to where it has been or even where it rests today. They will learn from one another, from their peers locally who have built companies into world-class competitors with modest amounts of capital by providing great services and the products to enhance them. As Andrew Waitman wrote recently in SCAN, "We need to understand and learn from these examples, and celebrate their success, because they show the way to the future for Ottawa’s next generation of high technology entrepreneurs . . ."

SCAN is a low-cost, effective way to spread news of the existence and enthusiasm for the potential of the Ontario Technology Corridor. It’s also a low-cost, effective way to deliver your message to Canada’s largest and most vibrant technology community. SCAN connects with the science and technology business community. It targets your market and it’s affordable, with rates well below industry standard. Strategically distributed in colleges, universities and even among high school tech cohorts, SCAN talks up imagination technologies with the next generation of tech employees and entrepreneurs. It’s a platform with strong support for anyone who means business in the Ontario Technology Corridor.

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