Enerkem brings next-gen biofuels project to U.S. south

MONTREAL — Enerkem Inc., an advanced biofuels and green chemicals technology company, plans to build and operate a second-generation biofuels production facility in Pontotoc, Mississippi. Three Rivers Solid Waste Management Authority of Mississippi will Enerkem_C_Bk140X38.jpgsupply approximately 189,000 tons of unsorted municipal solid waste per year for use as feedstock at the Pontotoc facility. The plant is expected to produce 20 million gallons per year of next-generation ethanol using a mix of feedstock comprised of wood residues from regional forest and agricultural operations, as well as urban biomass such as municipal solid waste, construction and demolition debris, and treated wood. "We are pleased to collaborate with the northern Mississippi community to build an unprecedented advanced biofuels project. The project, our first in the United States, will leverage the expertise we've gained both at our large-scale pilot facility and at our first commercial plant," says Vincent Chornet, president and CEO of Enerkem. "This project is unique in that it uses a mix of municipal solid waste — which has negative cost — and wood residues as feedstock, allowing Enerkem to achieve substantial commercial scale and favourable economics." Click here for more information.

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