More SDTC cash in the pipe for PPIC

PPIC-cropped.jpgMississauga – Pressure Pipe Inspection Company (PPIC) receives additional funding from Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) for a water pipeline inspection technology project, for which the company is the lead developer. PPIC and its partners will receive up to $800,000 on top of the $400,000 already committed by SDTC, to further develop and demonstrate a device that inspects pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipe used to carry water to households and businesses. Termed the Pipe Driver project, the venture aims to supply municipalities around the world with a tool that could help avert potentially disastrous infrastructure failures, says PPIC, as well as reduce costs by extending the life of pipelines. SDTC has also committed $500,000 in funding to another PPIC-led project, which will develop and demonstrate an enhanced version of the company’s “Sahara” water pipe leak detection technology.

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