Neptec wins thrice

Neptec-cropped.JPGOTTAWA – Space, defence and industrial systems firm Neptec Design Group signs three new contracts with the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) worth a total of $1.6 million. While not going into detail about the new deals, the company’s latest hire, Jason Di Tommaso, says all three are studies involving Neptec’s laser technology, which was famously used in a recent NASA mission to help scan the space shuttle’s tiled underbelly. Mr. Di Tommaso, formerly in charge of government programs at Siemens, joins Neptec as VP, global marketing and strategic development. “Neptec is a rare success story as it has grown from a niche engineering company into an international expert in defence and aerospace,” says Mr. Di Tommaso. “I’m excited about the opportunity to further expand Neptec’s global network while continuing to work closely with valued partners at home such as the Canadian Space Agency, who continue to show tremendous support for the space side of Neptec’s business.” The new contracts with the CSA, awarded to Neptec in keeping with the Agency’s mandate to develop Canadian technologies for use in future space exploration, could result in new technology that would be used on the Mars Sample Return Mission, the Japanese SELENE2 Mission and for an Excavation Lunar Rover, according to Neptec.

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