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Peter%20Smith.jpgPosted by Peter Smith

Good post [last week] from NYT’s Bits blog on some of the challenges involved in implementing social media in US government organizations. Several excellent comments too.
"Organizations of all sorts have been trying to figure out how they can adapt social networks, blogs, wikis and other Web tools to their traditional operating methods in order to connect to customers and partners." But it is tough. “We have a Facebook page,” said one official of the Department of Homeland Security. “But we don’t allow people to look at Facebook in the office. So we have to go home to use it. I find this bizarre.”
It is bizarre, but it’s a fact of life for bureaucrats. Here in the Canadian federal government, we are facing the same kinds of challenges.
But this also shows that governments have moved past the “should we do this?” phase, to being at the point of asking “how are we going to do this?”
It’s here that Web 2.0 brushes up against the “web of rules” in government (bad metaphor I know!). Click here to read more of Peter's post.

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