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kristinawcomp.jpgPosted by Kristina Mauser

I have become one of those boring people you invite to dinner parties. Especially if said dinner party is comprised of "regular" people who use their Internet connections for "regular" things like email and information search. These "regular" people would never dream of logging on, tweeting up, and meeting people they've never met before for a pint at the local pub. These "regular" people have one life ...the life they lead offline, surrounded by a real live community that does not extend into the "blogosphere", "twitterverse", or some other Internet galaxy far, far away located just beyond the delta quadrant.
I, on the other hand, am one of those Social Media evangelists who can espouse the many virtues of Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn with such great enthusiasm that by the end of the evening I have usually converted at least a handful of 1.0 dinner guests into 2.0 "followers".
I never intend to dominate conversations with the virtues of Web 2.0 (for the record, I am now starting to dabble in enthusiastic teachings on 3.0), but someone always has to ask a fairly innocent question like: "What do you think of the new Facebook design?" or "How can you possibly find so much to do online when the rest of us just check our email once a day?" For which my answers can go on for hours in a kind of conversation-dominating manner reminiscent of a grandparent's "in my day" speech. I love the debates that ensue from these "regular" folk: "What about privacy?"; "Why do I have to tell people what I'm doing?"; and "I could never find the time!" Lately, however, I've been hearing a defiant question that really interests me:
"What do I SAY?" Click here to read more of Kristina's blog.

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